Evoluce ONE gives you 47 inches of multitouch surface to play with (video)

We're kind of late to this party, but better late than never, right? At the end of last month, German company Evoluce announced its 47-inch multitouch display, touting Full HD (or 1920 x 1080) resolution and "Integrated-Through-Screen-Optics," which allow it to recognize an unlimited number of simultaneous inputs. The ONE also features haptic feedback and is compatible with Windows 7's multitouch features right out of the box, with support for some "other OS" also planned. If you're thinking this looks like a legit competitor to Microsoft's Surface, well, you'd be right. We've got the full PR for you after the break, as well as hands-on video of the (relatively) new device.

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True Multi-Touch and Multi-Pen on large-format LCD

Multi-touch grows up: Evoluce announces innovative 47 inch multi-touch Full HD LCD for launch of Windows 7

Hallbergmoos, 30. October 2009. Large-format interactive LCD-screens enable collaborative work directly on the screen surface. Evoluce developed sensing technology for the first time reveals the full potential of multi-touch applications.

"Windows 7 launched at the end of October 2009. Our Evoluce ONE is launched too. The 47 inch multi-touch LCD supports not only Windows 7, but also a variety of other innovative multi-touch applications coded in Flash, C++, WPF or Silverlight. Our developed "Integrated-Through-Screen-Optics" (ITSO) technology enables true multi-touch and multi-pen applications, that can be controlled simultaneously by pen, finger, gesture and object recognition," said Wolfgang Herfurtner, CEO of Evoluce AG.

The comfortable multi-touch operating on the surface is achieved by a scratch-resistant coating. The screen has been designed for easy horizontal and vertical integration or can be a stand-alone device.

MIM, the in-house developed multi-touch input management tracking software, recognizes an unlimited number of simultaneous inputs ("true multi-touch"). The tracking data can be accessed via universal interfaces by the multi-touch application.

Evoluce ONE is available from Evoluce specialist dealers.

Evoluce ONE promotional video

Evoluce ONE hands-on