Investigate a Crime Scene trailer

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JC Fletcher
November 17th, 2009
Having gotten the obligatory joke out of the way in the first post about SouthPeak's Crime Scene, we're now free to look at, you know, the game and stuff. And it certainly delivers on the promise of the title! It's basically a crime scene on the DS for you to explore. You have to comb through whole rooms, collecting fingerprints, footprints and other evidence. You get to tweeze -- and swab.

Crime Scene is one of the few M-rated games on DS -- joining an elite club comprising games like Resident Evil: Deadly Silence, the Dementiums, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, and, of course, Touch the Dead. With that rating, it may turn out to be a more realistic, serious take on crime than the other cop games on DS.

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