South Korean researchers devise a safer lithium ion battery

While some researchers are focused on making batteries that are both safer and longer-lasting, it seems like the folks at the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (or KAERI) are simply concerned with making 'em really, really safe. To that end, they've now announced that they've managed to develop a new type of "separator" that is said to be far more resistant to heat and impact than traditional polyethylene separators. Made from a mix of polyethylene, nano-alumina and flourine-based resin that has been subjected to radiation, the new separator can supposedly hold up to temperatures of 150 degrees Celsius and "considerable outside impact," and it can apparently be applied to all sorts of lithium-ion batteries -- including everything from phones to laptops to electric cars. Of course, there's no word as to when we might actually see the new and improved batteries, but KAERI has apparently already applied for the necessary patents for the new technique.