Warner Bros. will swap your antiquated DVDs for Blu-ray Discs (for a price)

In the spirit of such programs as Cash for Guns and, more recently, Cash for Clunkers, Warner Bros. has begun its "DVD2BLU" program, offering owners of its films in the antiquated DVD (a.k.a. drink coaster) format to exchange them for their proper Blu-ray Disc equivalents for a charge of $7.95 to $9.95 per film. The program's site currently lists 50 titles, with a limit of 25 disc swaps per household.

You may recall that, earlier this year, Warner Bros. launched a similar program -- RED2BLU -- to let consumers exchange their HD-DVD copies of the studio's films for Blu-ray Disc versions. That's still going, and currently offers a catalog of 125 flicks to choose from with an "upgrade fee" of $4.95 per title. Yes, Warner Bros. really released (at least) 125 movies on HD-DVD. And no, we don't know what it was thinking.