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Qualcomm Mirasol-equipped color e-book reader said to be on track for late 2010

Qualcomm's Mirasol displays have already found their way into quite a few products, but the company looks to really be branching out into some new territory with its latest prototype: an e-book reader with a full-color, 5.7-inch display. Of course, Qualcomm isn't planning to sell this one itself, and it isn't revealing any OEM partners just yet, but it has set the somewhat ambitious target of getting it on the market in the "latter part of 2010." From the looks of it, however, it doesn't seem like it'll have too much trouble attracting interest, considering that the XGA (220ppi) Mirasol display is not only full-color, but allows for video playback, is supposedly readable in direct sunlight, and reportedly has a "minimal impact" on battery life. Other details on the e-reader itself are expectedly light (and subject to change), but you can get a closer look at it courtesy of SlashGear at the link below.