French police avert school shooting, 13-year-old boy apprehended

According to a report from The Times, French authorities have prevented a school shooting by arresting a 13-year-old boy before he could exact revenge on his teachers for poor marks. Raymond Yeddou, a senior state official in Beauvais, is quoted as saying, "He left his home with a loaded shotgun and 25 cartridges. He went in the direction of the school where, according to his statement, he intended to kill all his teachers." The boy now faces charges of attempted murder.

As GamePolitics notes, several reports -- including the one from The Times, which boasts the headline, "Computer games fan 'planned school massacre'" -- have drawn a connection between the presumably foiled attack and the young boy's hobbies. Piggybacking on word of the boy playing World of Warcraft and other games until "one or two in the morning," the mainstream media has once again attempted to trace unusual, outcast criminal behavior to a culturally entrenched and widespread hobby.

Unless you plan to thoroughly investigate the complex impetus for a planned school shooting, the only use in linking a young boy to video games is to remind us what year we're in. Protip, media: It's 2009. And you're still doing it.

[Via GamePolitics]