Lenovo ThinkPad Edge to bridge gap between IdeaPads and pro machines?

Dear Lenovo, thank you for being so loose-lipped about your forthcoming products, we most certainly appreciate it. Joining the now fully detailed X100e is a purported new line of entry-level ThinkPads -- dubbed the ThinkPad Edge. We've only got the one source and that image above as evidence, but the details appear to make sense in terms of Lenovo's overall lineup strategy. Set to fit in between the professional ThinkPads and more consumer-oriented IdeaPads, the Edge will start off with 13.3-inch units sporting a choice of low-voltage dual-core AMD or Intel processors, up to eight hours of battery life, and a robust 4GB of memory paired to 500GB of storage. The word is that we'll see the new machines make an appearance by CES 2010 at the latest, and we've got a purported spec sheet for your perusal after the break.

[Thanks, Carlo B]