Livescribe's Pulse smartpen app store now ready for hot 96 x 18 pixel action (video)

You know what Livescribe's $170/$200 Pulse smartpen with 2GB/4GB of storage is missing to keep it from going mainstream? More apps. At least that's what Livescribe's execs seem to be thinking with the launch of its new application store featuring more than 30 paid and free applications that augment the smartpen's ability to record and link audio to your handwritten notes. Paid apps range in price from $0.99 for the mature rated "Sexy Oracle" app on up to $100 if you're looking for a revolutionary way to learn Hebrew chanting... and really, who isn't? The company claims to have a community of more than 5,500 registered developers which likely equates to a 1:1 dev-to-owner ratio. Sweet. Check a video demonstration or both the pen and app store after the break.