Sony Ericsson Kurara has speedy Cortex A8, PowerVR purring inside

Eldar Murtazin, the man/legend behind Mobile Review has snagged one of those already leaked SE Kurara handsets, and he's got some juicy info to share with the rest of us. Apparently, the CPU on that little goer is a Cortex A8, backed by 256MB of RAM and a PowerVR graphics processor. It's no surprise then that the HD label we saw earlier has been corroborated by 720p video recording and playback capabilities, and the Symbian S60 interface is said to "fly." Eldar promises fuller impressions and more imagery by tomorrow, and indicates the second half of February as the likely landing date for the new handset, with a price point around €500 ($745) in Europe.

[Thanks, Alex]