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Olympus' $1,100 PEN E-P2 up for pre-order, played with early

Darren Murph
D. Murph|11.22.09

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Olympus' $1,100 PEN E-P2 up for pre-order, played with early

Olympus' PEN E-P2 is destined to be a fine product, we're sure. What we aren't sure of, however, is how exactly the company came up with the nearly laughable MSRP. The second-ever Micro Four Thirds offering from the outfit is up for pre-order right now at Amazon, though the $1,099.99 asking price is just far too lofty for us to recommend snagging a place in line. That said, you're still probably interested in learning more about the device, so we'll be pointing you in Gadling's direction for that; the crew over at our favorite travel blog managed to snag one of these buggers early, and exterior color aside, we're told that it looks practically "identical to the E-P1." Hit up the links below for a closer look -- just keep your credit card far, far away until we see a full review.

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