Samsung Story external HDD now boasts 2TB, eSATA

You've asked, and Samsung has delivered: the company's newest Story external hard drives not only feature a maximum 2TB of storage, but the device can now make nice with your PC via eSATA (in addition to USB 2.0). And like its earlier brethren, this one features either real time or scheduled backups, password protection, and SecretZone encryption. Available the world o'er sometime this November for an MSRP of $299. PR after the break, kids.

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Samsung Reveals 2-Terabyte External Hard Drive with eSATA Interface for Faster Data Transfer

SEOUL, Korea, November 23, 2009 -- Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a world leader in digital consumer electronics and information technology, today announced the STORY Station Plus, its new line-up of 3.5-inch external hard drives featuring an external serial ATA (eSATA) interface to allow lightning fast data transfer. The 3.0-gigabit per second (Gbps), high-performance drives are available in up to 2-terabyte (TB) densities, providing consumers with a high-performance external storage solution.

"Samsung new line of high-density solutions with the eSATA interface give users the speed they need for demanding tasks like photo and video editing, plus safely storing multimedia content libraries," said H.S. Lee, vice president, storage marketing, Samsung Electronics. "The 2TB density STORY Station Plus drive can store the data equivalent of 500,000 MP3 music files, 560,000 digital photo images, or 880 hours of high resolution video."

The addition of the eSATA interface raises the data transfer speed of the STORY Station Plus series by more than six-fold when compared with models using a USB 2.0 interface, the standard connector for most external hard drives. Offering greater flexibility, STORY Station Plus users can utilize either the 480 megabit per second (Mbps) USB 2.0 or the 3.0 Gbps eSATA interface, satisfying consumers' needs for higher performance from their external storage devices.

The STORY Station Plus line-up will also feature Samsung's low standby power design that reduces the standby power by 96 percent to 0.1 watts (W) from the conventional 2.5W. The reduced standby power level meets requirements for the forthcoming European Union EuP (Energy Using Products) Directive for Standby Regulation, effective January 2010.

Samsung's 3.5-inch STORY Station Plus external hard drive is available in densities ranging from 1TB to 2TB. The aluminum outer casing not only provides a chic design but contributes to effective heat dispersion. Key features include Samsung Auto Backup for ongoing data preservation, SecretZoneTM software for personal data encryption and SafetyKeyTM for password protection.

The STORY Station Plus drives will be available globally by the end of November 2009. The STORY Station Plus features a three-year limited warranty and the 2TB version has a $299 MSRP.