LG BL40 Christmas Edition sports 8 megapixel camera, no egg nog (update)

If you're reading this in South Korea, or are planning a trip there this holiday season, do us a solid, will ya? Apparently LG is releasing a Christmas Edition of the BL40, with the tantalizing name: "New Chocolate: Black Label Series." We were sort of hoping that you could maybe get some hands-on pics for us. Unlike the standard BL40, this new candy bar boasts an 8MP autofocus camera, a swanky case with gold accents, and a chance to win up to 5 million Korean Won (over $4,000) in prizes. Yes, that's right -- you can win stuff by buying this phone! No word yet on availability in countries besides the ROK, but we do have a pretty sweet gallery for you below. PR after the break.
Update: Apparently, the Christmas Edition is not a BL40, it's a SU630. Exclusive to Korea, this model arrives with an 8 megapixel phone and 4-inch, 21:9 touchscreen. Thanks to Emily for pointing this out!

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New Chocolate Christmas Edition Commemorative Release "Merry Christmas event," held 2009/11/24

  • Up / gold coat at the bottom of sophistication, plus 'New Chocolate Christmas editions' launch next month 10 days

  • target new and existing customers purchasing nyuchokolritpon Nights event held at Grand Hyatt

  • 1 and 1 equivalent of 5 million won recipients December 31 suites and 10 Nights is a party service providers

  • 2 and 50 recipients Christmas and New Year (December 24/25/26/30/31 1) 1d voucher provides one-sheet

  • LG Electronics MC joseongha division vice president of South Korea, "the event through a new Chocolate phone customers can make holiday memories and hope"

The LG Chocolate phone, the new gold-coated 'Christmas edition nyuchokolritpon' 25 th anniversary of the launch next month 18 days nyuchokolritpon target buyers 'Merry Christmas,' to proceed.

'New Chocolate Christmas editions, the existing body of black-phase, bottom of the red color instead of golden color, sophistication, plus a luxurious product will be released on December 10th. LG Electronics, in addition to the existing battery cover black cover with gold-coated add patterns provided it.

'Merry Christmas,' the existing and new customers, both buyers Chocolate CYON website ( to purchase their new Chocolate When you register the serial number on the back is involved.

With one draw and one day myeongegeneun December 31 at Grand Hyatt hotel suites and catering Nights 10 servings par total of 5 million won worth of tea services, and 2 and 50 myeongegeneun Christmas and New Year (December 24/25 , 26/30/31 1) 1 day maessikeul provides Sook bakgwon 1. Winners announced December 21, and notified individually to the homepage.

LG Electronics MC joseongha Division Korea Division Vice President, "a product of the New Chocolate maximize luxury to feel real proud," said "The events of the new Chocolate phone customers to create holiday memories I hope to be able to, "he said, everything.