TiVo's 3Q results reveal Virgin Media UI deal, new remotes on the way -- but no new boxes

Besides linking up with Google, TiVo has some other big news coming out of its third quarter results, first that it lost less money than expected, a mere $6.7 million instead of the $8-10 predicted. Bigger than that for UK denizens, TiVo has cut a long-term deal with Virgin Media to put its software and UI on the cable company's next gen set-top boxes, including access to online features, due in 2010. On this side of the Atlantic, besides resuming marketing in New England, the company's work with Comcast will continue, including a tru2way mention, while Cox and RCN also deploy boxes throughout next year. The future for TiVo? Expect Best Buy's digital video delivery store to find its way on the box soon, while the company also expands beyond just DVRs expecting to create "some very interesting product opportunities for our next generation TiVo products and services." All that online content means the old peanut isn't long for this world, with development of a new "keyboard remote control" under way, we just can't wait to see if it's beaming commands to any new DVRs at CES.