Holiday Gift Guide: The Perfect iPhone Ringtone

Looking to get something for that new, special 3G or 3GS owner that doesn't cost a lot of money? Or even a little something for yourself? (After all, those monthly bills to AT&T are pretty harsh, so a bargain treat is welcome, right?)

How about an awesome ringtonable-song? "This is my Ringtone" from Parry Gripp [iTunes link] is it. The guys behind the "Do You Like Waffles" song have created the perfect $1 gift. Think of it as a virtual stocking stuffer. That one dollar buys you all the attitude that a 3GS iPhone truly deserves.

Sure, it will make the other people around you feel bad that they don't own their own iPhone, but isn't that what status symbols are for? So live the big life (even if you don't, actually, own an iPhone) with the ultimate iPhone ringtone.