Lenovo's ThinkPad doyen Arimasa Naitoh speaks about life, liberty and the T400s

First thing's first: the video beyond the break is certainly not up to our usually stellar standards. That said, the voice recording is clear enough, so you may consider it an audio presentation with the bonus of a shadowy figure making occasional hand gestures in time with what's being said (lighting also improves as you go along). Arimasa Naitoh is the man behind the ThinkPad line, having joined the product engineering team at IBM during the 1970s and shifting with the ThinkPad brand on to Lenovo in 2005. Currently the VP for Notebook Development and the head of the Yamato Development Labs, Naitoh-san was kind enough to do a presentation in London yesterday, in which he touched on the history of the fabled laptop line and was also not shy about trumpeting the key advantages of the latest T400s flagship model. So click past the break, turn your speakers up, and get educated by one of the true founding fathers of mobile computing as we know it today.

In our usual helpful and kindly way, we've also put together a timeline guide for the highlights, in case you haven't got a whole twenty minutes to dedicate to listening to the wisdom of an industry giant.

Start - History of ThinkPad development.
04:11 - ThinkPad product line today, and potential move toward 16:9 displays as standard.
06:15 - ThinkPad T400s development challenges and solutions.
13:24 - Videos of the vibration and dust tests employed as part of Lenovo's torture testing.
16:19 - Explanation of the latest Owl Wing 2 laptop cooler.
17:46 - Lenovo's Windows 7 Enhanced Experience.
18:55 - Explanation of the X200 Tablet's capacitive touchscreen and digitizer combo.

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