Pomera DM20 Digital Memo puts your old Brother to shame

If the Pomera Digital Memo DM10 appeals to anyone (and we figure it must appeal to someone), you can chalk it up to the device's narrow scope: it's for writin' with, and for folding up and puttin' in your pocket -- and that's it. The DM20, our friends at Engadget Japan tell us, expands the brief ever-so-slightly, bumping up storage to 89MB, upping the display to 5-inches, and adding text to 2D barcode conversion, while keeping same 20+ hours operation with 2 AAA batteries. Seriously, though, in the end it's really just a word processor. Is that how you want to take notes? We didn't think so. Expect to see it hit the shelves in Japan on December 11 for ¥34,650 (just shy of $400).