The Daily Grind: I've been meaning to tell you...

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day if you're in the United States, which makes it special. (If you live in the rest of the world, tomorrow is Thursday and not particularly special, but bear with us.) It's the start of a season devoted to good feelings and positive thoughts, as well as voracious consumerism, so it's best to start things off on the right foot. Start off by clearing the air and getting everything off your chest, out into the open. Today, we're asking you: what level is your blood elfpaladin?

Okay, that sort of question usually goes onto our sister site, but the message is there. What are your MMO secrets? Do you secretly adore Champions Online but don't tell your friends on City of Heroes because you're afraid of their reaction? Have you stuck with a game you hated because a friend was playing it and you didn't want to leave them by themselves? Even if it's something as mundane as hating Runes of Magic, today, the floor is open for you to vent whatever you just normally won't share. And then, tomorrow, we can feast with a clear conscience. (Unless you're not in the US, again, but maybe you can start up a regular feast day on Thursdays.)