Stantum shows off resistive multitouch Slate PC, we're awed again

Stantum Japan already got us all giddy and schoolgirlish once, and now that the company's TouchPark has reached the proof of concept stage, we're ready to fawn all over again. Initially compatible only with smartphone hardware, the firmware seems to have been adapted to the x86 instruction set, as it's now perched atop a Dell Mini 10 netbook modded with a resistive touchscreen. Responsiveness and accuracy are both remarkable, with the multitouch feature accommodating as many fingers as you can fit on the screen. There's pressure sensitivity too, and we even get to see the thing used with a paintbrush. A paintbrush. Scalable from 2.5 to 30 inches, this can do all the gestures, swipes and rotations you want, and viewing the video after the break will lead you to conclude the same as us: this needs to be out yesterday.

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