Magellan's GPS Car Kit for iPhone and iPod Touch: $130, coming next month

We heard earlier this month that Magellan was looking to one-up TomTom by outing an iPod touch / iPhone GPS car kit of its very own, but a few critical details were missing: namely, a price and a release date. Thanks to a new product listing on Amazon (capped after the break), we at least have a clue as to when this thing will be shipping stateside and for how much. If you'll recall, this one's compatible with the 2nd and 3rd generation iPod touch as well as the iPhone 3G and 3GS, and aside from providing a built-in speaker, charging capabilities and a noise-canceling handsfree speakerphone, it'll also work with anynavigation or location-based app -- not just Magellan's own $79.99 RoadMate program. The unfortunate part here is that Magellan has somehow managed to produce a cradle that's actually more expensive that the ludicrously overpriced TomTom variant, but those willing to part with $129.99 can place their order now and look for a December 11th ship date.

[Thanks, Mark]