Psystar's predictions... they're a bit off

More and more information is coming out about Psystar and their legal issues with Apple. Some new documents have been leaked with some numbers and predictions from Psystar themselves.

According to these documents, the company planned on selling 1.45 million Mac clone computers by 2011. The actual number sold so far: 768. What's even better is that these numbers are their "conservative" estimates. If you take a look at their more aggressive numbers, Psystar plans to sell 12 million by the end of 2012. Yes, you read that correctly: 12 million.

With the legal issues still ramping up, we can only expect to see even more (comical) news coming from the failed Mac clone company. Psystar even has gone so far as to say the battle is only helping them, keeping other clone makers from entering the market to "avoid the mess."

[via Gizmodo]