Like clockwork, BlackBerry Bold 9700 gets ColorWared

Nothing says "I do not accept the normal social conventions of a business-oriented mobile device; I do, however, accept its software and lovely keyboard" quite like sending your BlackBerry in for a retina-burning ColorWare job. It's been done before, it's being done now, and it'll be done until pigs rule the sky -- and if you're craving the latest and greatest way to shock your colleagues when you reach into your double-breasted suit coat's inside pocket, look no further than the recolored Bold 9700. There are fully six different components that can be independently colored to your liking, and we hear that Mike Lazaridis loses 60 seconds of sleep every time one of 'em gets painted something other than black, so get to it -- it'll run you $159 plus the cost of the phone itself.