Sharkoon USB LANPort gets your isolated USB drives on your local network

Pogoplug may have been the first to make this type of contraption popular, but now it's time for the no-names to sneak in and offer up comparable devices for a bit less cheddar. Sharkoon has evidently taken a break from punching out SATA HDD Docks in order to develop its USB LANPort, which effectively puts any piece of USB storage (flash drive, external hard drive, etc.) on one's local network -- though it seems this is mainly for making multiple drives available to a variety of machines via customized permissions. The USB LANPort 100 converts a single drive into a device that can be streamed from locally, while the USB LANPort 400 handles up to four USB devices. Unfortunately it looks as if these weren't designed to link USB drives to the internet at large, but we're sure the hacker in you could figure it out. Both boxes support automatic and manual IP address contacts, and they're both available now across the pond for €22.99 ($34) / €36.99 ($56) in order of mention. As for a US release? Your guess is as good as ours.