T-Mobile pushing CLIQ firmware update today? (update: yes!)

TmoNews seems to have it on good authority that T-Mobile will be rolling out a firmware update over the air to the Motorola CLIQ today -- the device's first since launch -- and we've got good news and bad news. First, the bad: by all accounts, it appears that this'll still be an Android 1.5-based firmware, adding fuel to the fire suggesting that UI skins like BLUR are a huge barrier to keeping devices up to speed with Google's breakneck release pace. The good news, though, is that the update seems to be lined up to fix a plethora of issues involving Bluetooth, touchscreen accuracy (we can attest to this one), connectivity, accelerometer functionality, and -- wait for it -- battery life! Looks like the build number is 1.1.31, so let us know if and when you get hooked up, owners.

Update: We've gotten tips from several users now that they've already been able to nab the update, so it looks like the CLIQ is definitely getting a little better today. Well, hopefully, anyhow.