Motorola Sholes Tablet detailed, sounds as tasty as we'd hoped

Knowing what we now know of the Droid -- codename Sholes -- the mere mental image of that "Sholes Tablet" that we've been hearing about for a while brings us to our geeky knees. Taiwanese forum Mobile01 seems to have details on just what the Sholes Tablet is all about, and while we'd normally be skeptical to the point of dismissal, the presence of a few believable-looking images has us on the bandwagon. The biggies on the rumored spec sheet include HDMI out, 720p video recording paired to an 8 megapixel cam (which is hopefully of much, much higher quality than the Droid's miserable 5) with xenon flash, and Motorola's own CrystalTalk tech for background noise reduction on calls. It'll apparently be running Android 2.0 -- the presence of BLUR is unknown -- and the screen is a predictably awesome 3.7 inches at WVGA resolution with multitouch support; missing, as the name suggests, is the original's sliding QWERTY keyboard. All signs point to use seeing this in the next few months, so enjoy those Droids and Milestones while you can, yeah?