Samsung's i8910 HD Gold Edition looks the part

The Samsung i8910 HD (or Omnia HD, depending on your region and personal preference) has one of the most dazzling AMOLED displays ever offered on a mobile device -- but the phone's understated, muted gray case belies the visual delight that waits just a button press away. The obvious solution? Draw a ring of bright, shiny gold around the display, of course, which is exactly the angle Sammy's run with in the announcement of its i8910 HD Gold Edition today. Available in two colors -- the equally hedonistic Champagne Gold and Luxury Brown -- the phone includes a TV-out cable and cradle in the box, meaning that you're paying for more than just some faux precious metal plating. Other specs remain the same from the original, which makes it easy for Samsung to get this one out quickly; it'll be available this month in "selected markets" including Singapore, Germany, and the Middle East.