Taiwanese man beats World of Warcraft

They said it couldn't be done. Well, to be fair, it can't -- however, if one were to track the completion of Blizzard's super successful World of Warcraft by the number of achievements a player had unlocked, then a Taiwanese player has effectively solved that game tape. A character named "Little Gray" on the Wrathbringer server has completed all 986 of the game's 'cheevos, killing 390,895 creatures and finishing 5,906 quests along the way.

However, this triumph of human resolve has been diminished by one small caveat: one upcoming winter holiday–tied achievement, titled "BB King," remains locked, but due to a glitched PvP achievement that apparently unlocked twice, his statistics say he's batting a thousand. With the game's Winter Veil festivities approaching, we expect Little Gray will unlock that last feat soon, at which point the credits will roll, and his account will be permanently erased. Or the server will explode. Definitely one of those two.

[Via CVG]