TerreStar Genus satphone gets beamed into an FCC lab

That projected Q1 2010 availability window for AT&T's first dual-mode satphone (and first satphone, period, for that matter) is looking pretty dang obtainable now that Elektrobit -- the device's manufacturer -- has secured FCC approval. As you can tell from the laboratory mugshot here, TerreStar's Genus is a pretty unassuming-looking Windows Mobile smartphone, which is pretty amazing when you consider that it'll more or less guarantee you coverage anywhere in the most ridiculously remote regions of North America and surrounding waters. Test documentation confirms that it'll be ready with US HSPA out of the gate, so if you can hold out for a month or two and stomach some likely hardcore plans and per-minute / per-megabyte charges, get ready to impress your co-pilot in the midst of that next offshore race.