SSD drives don't help dedicated Windows Media Center PCs much

SSD drive

We had a chance to play with the Kingston 40GB SSDNow and of course we just couldn't wait to see what kind of magic it could work for our dedicated Windows 7 Media Center PC. The bad news is the answer is, not much. In fact we tried just about every combination we could think of from setting the SSD drive as the Live TV recording buffer, to just copying recordings to be scanned for commercials. But in the end Media Center just isn't an application that requires much disk I/O to perform well and there really wasn't any noticeable improvement. The real issue is that HD recordings are so big you can't fit many of them on the drive and at 40GB, you can only hold about 5 hours of HD, so recording to the SSD until it was scanned for commercials and then moving to a spinning platter just doesn't work. Now if the SSD was 120GB or bigger, then in this likely scenario we could avoid the UI lag that we experience if we try to record five HD shows at once while playing back one and scanning two for commercials. But at the current price of large SSD drives and frequency of that scenario, it just isn't something we think is worth the money right now.