Entourage Edge e-reader shows off its softer-ware side on video

Can't get enough of the Entourage Edge? We feel you. It's easily a sight for sore eyes in the pool of me-too e-readers, and while we've learned that it has plenty of power under the hood to handle quite a few desirable tasks, we've yet to really see the software do its thing in any real capacity. Until now, of course. The video posted up after the break is as good a look of the inner workings as we've seen, and the company has contacted us directly to affirm that the Feburary 2010 ship date is still on track. To be honest, we're really digging what we're seeing on screen, but a premedidated demonstration and real-world usability are certainly horses of different hues. Here's hoping we get a tick to play with a production unit ourselves at CES, but till then, you know where to head.