HTC Passion runs Android on 3.5-inch OLED and Snapdragon in Verizon's early 2010?

Ever since the WinMo-powered HTC HD2 started to drip, drip onto our pages in the form of leaked images and details, we've been asking ourselves one question: where's the Android version? And while we've heard whispers of a supposed Snapdragon-based Dragon device running Android ever since early October, we're left to rely on Motorola's Droid / Milestone to fulfill our Android 2.0 dreams this holiday season. And if DigiTimes is correct, that picture likely won't change until early 2010. Taiwanese DigiTimes' sources have its Taiwan-based neighbor launching its Passion handset running Android 2.0 (or even 2.1 by then) on a 1GHz Snapdragon chipset with 3.5-inch multitouch OLED display sometime in early 2010 (not 2009 as previously tipped) as HTC continues to tweak the device's software. And if previous rumors are true then this CDMA variant of Dragon will be making its debut on Verizon at that time. DigiTimes' sources also claim that HTC will announce a QWERTY-toting Android device, possibly named Espresso, at the huge Mobile World Congress event in February. Of course, all this is rumor for now so hold tight as HTC's roadmap unfolds.