Peptide nanotube 'forest' coating could mean self-cleaning windows, more efficient batteries, Alzheimer's cure, world peace

We are rapidly coming to grips with the idea that there is nothing nanotubes can't do. They're boosting solar cell efficiency, hoisting more junk into space, and even providing an exceptionally light meal. Now they'll even clean your windows -- well, not your windows, but your future self's windows thanks to research at Tel Aviv University, where a team has created a way to grow a so-called forest of nanotubes out of peptides. This means they're exceptionally cheap to produce and, as they've been shown to repel dirt and water, they'll make an ideal coating for windows and solar cells. They can also act as a super-capacitor, increasing the output of batteries, and there's even hope that they could treat Alzheimer's disease. Yes, nanotubes certainly are the future -- prepare for obsolescence.