Pixel Qi ramping production lines, multitouch (40-hour?) tablets at CES

We know you're confused by the pronunciation of Pixel Qi (it's Pixel chee, by the way). But really, does that matter? We're just stoked to learn that its hybrid displays are hitting the assembly lines this month as the company ramps production in Q1. CEO, Mary Lou Jepsen, says that the first units will arrive in "specialized tablet devices with multi-touch," the first of which will be on display at CES from what looks like multiple "customers." They'll also be available to DIYers sometime in the future. Jepsen, you'll recall, was the original Chief Technology Officer on the OLPC project, but left to commercialize these 10-inch color 3Qi LCD displays that are readable in either direct tropical sunlight or no light at all thanks to a switchable backlight. As such, Pixel Qi is set to carve out a nice middle-ground between epaper displays and traditional LCDs that could see the advent of the 40-hour netbook / tablet. No, really.