Recon Instruments putting heads-up display, extra layer of 'cool' within ski goggles

It's a match made in heaven, really. A GPS-linked heads-up display system, and ski goggles. Together, at long last, forever. Recon Instruments is reportedly developing said technology right now, and if all goes well, a HUD-equipped set of alpine goggles will indeed be on sale to the general populace next fall for between $350 to $450. The device is expected to tap into your cellphone, and if said phone has a GPS chip within, you'll be able to see where you're at, where your fellow snow bunnies are and where you're headed. It'll also provide all sorts of other vital information, such as hang time off of the rail jump, altitude gain / loss, a stopwatch and temperature. There's no word on whether it'll alert you when too much powder starts building on that front-side edge, but here's hoping these things are durable enough to survive the face-plant that'll inevitably ensue when that scenario plays itself out.