Dragon's Lair ships for iPhone and iPod touch

Guys, if there was any doubt that the iPhone is a serious application platform, just go ahead and put it to rest right now -- Dragon's Lair has officially been ported over. The Don Bluth-animated laserdisc game was immensely popular upon release in 1983, and since then has been ported to almost every single system that can run it. Now, the iPhone joins those ranks, and seems well done. If you want to play the original Arcade mode, you can, though apparently it's so original that not even the developers recommend it -- you end up skipping sequences and it's really, really hard. Much more appetizing to today's whiny easy mode gamers is the Home mode, which not only can include a "guide" on the screen to show possible controls, but will let you play through sequences over again until you get them right.

Touch Arcade says that even at $4.99 [App Store link], it's a must-buy for nostalgia's sake, and if you have any interest in playing the game at all, it's worth the price (especially if you hung around arcades when it came out, as you've probably already put that much and then some into the game). If, on the other hand, you aren't impressed by the gameplay above and/or are too young to remember what a laserdisc is (it's like a record-sized DVD... wait, did you just ask what a record was?), you might not be intrigued.