How to insult a Mac mini: make it warm the wipes for you

How would you insult a Mac mini? Well, one way is to discover that, after you move it across the room, away from toddlers with longer arms than they were born with (the better to yank ill-placed computers to the floor through the crib slats, my dear) the Mac mini makes an excellent diaper wipe warmer.

I only stuck the container on top of the mini because I had to do a quick change before someone crawled off the changing table. The next diaper change I discovered the wipes were warm and cozy.

The Mac mini is sulking. Already its only job was to run the baby monitor cam. Now it can add another job for which it is woefully overqualified. It can talk to the hand, says the lady with the law degree who is relegated to actually changing all those diapers and watching Yo Gabba Gabba. (Don't click. Seriously. I won't be responsible for the ensuing seizure.)

NB: If you're reading this post and screaming inside, "teddy bears? Babies? But I came here for technology!" then have a look at this post detailing my tear-down of the standalone iSight so that it works as a night-vision camera. If that doesn't help at least a little, then you may be in need of a hug. Look at the teddy bear. See? He loves you.