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UK man builds life-sized Dalek, furthers intergalactic evil

Sci-fi fandom and the DIY ethic go hand in hand -- and for evidence, you need only look at the large number of Star Trek and Star Wars-themed projects we've seen in this space over the years. Still, few of them have achieved the scope of the full-sized Dalek that Rob Bosher built for about £700 (roughly $1,140). Powered by an electric wheelchair and constructed mostly from wood, this guy can be piloted via remote control and even features working lights, a moving eye (a reconstituted magic eight ball) and a voice modulator for the creepy, alien order to "exterminate." When not trying to slowly (very slowly) populate the earth with a robot army bent on universal conquest and destruction, Bosher hopes to use his project to make money for regional charities.

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