Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment reveals Stargate shooter instead of MMO

After over two years of work on Stargate Worlds and an increasingly dubious outlook, Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment launched a website revealing Stargate Resistance. The game defines itself as a third-person shooter, and is scheduled for a release very soon -- Q1 2010.

This is a bit of a startling development for fans who have been anticipating Stargate Worlds, as well as those who have given up on the franchise completely. So what does this mean for Stargate Worlds? Information is a little scattered, but SGW team member fan Ian Stock gave the most concise explanation: "SGW will be worked on; but at a much lower rate compared to that of Resistance...That is until such a time when SG:R has become comfortable financially (enough) to then begin ramping up SGW again."

The latest news on the Stargate Worlds site highlights the screenshots that were revealed back in November, so the Stargate Worlds development team seems to have moved their attention to Stargate Resistance for the time being.