Qisda-sourced 'multimedia router' hits the FCC

Ever wish your wireless router was more than just a router? So have the folks at Qisda, apparently, who have come up with this wild concoction of a device that certainly does many things and may or may not actually do any of them well. Sort of like a less huggable, less rollable mash-up of a Chumby and a Rolly, this touchscreen-equipped, speaker-packing "router" will let you view YouTube vidoes, tune into internet radio stations (or FM radio, for that matter), access media stored on its internal memory (but not your local network, it seems), and even double as a clock radio, to name a few features. Oh, and as a router it'll do 802.11n, but packs just one spare Ethernet port. Of course, all of this news comes to us courtesy of the FCC, which means there's no details on things like price or availability, but there are plenty of less than flattering pics, dissection photos, and test reports. Hit up the link below to dive in.