Epson says EH-TW450 is 'ultimate gaming projector,' straps PS3 on nerd in jumpsuit to prove it (video)

Nothing says "extreme" quite like wrist-guards... and knee pads... and elbow pads... and a PS3 Slim backpack. Epson combined all that and more to create its vision of an "extreme gamer," a Ghostbusters cast-off with a gaming console on his back and an EH-TW450 projector on his chest used to splay Need for Speed: Shift on the walls of buildings, the ceilings of clubs, and the interiors of wind-tunnels. It's exciting stuff, shown in the video below. Why this projector out of all the company offers? We're not entirely sure. It's a 3LCD 720p model with a 3000:1 contrast ratio and a single one watt speaker that probably couldn't overcome the din of all the road traffic this extremophile was dodging. If you want in on this kind of action expect to pay about $1,000 -- for the projector. You're on your own for the rest of the kit. Loss of self-respect? That comes for free.