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Foxconn distracts all with TXM-355 bamboo desktop chassis, brews bamboo tablet rumor

Look, we've all been giving Foxconn a bit of a hard time recently with all those Apple tablet and iPhone rumors, so it's only fair for the Taiwanese giant to take some time off for something fresh. What we have here are a couple of self-proclaimed "world's first" desktop chassis with bamboo front cover (so we guess that Dell Studio Hybrid doesn't count to them), aiming to achieve environmentally-friendly status in China. While Foxconn's Bamboo Forest 1 ATX case on the right has been announced for about a month, the TXM-355 or Bamboo Forest 2 microATX case on the left is fresh from the oven -- visually already a good candidate for your next HTPC build. Despite a few rough cuts and the ugly glue work on the optical drive flap, PCPOP has given the smaller brother a thumbs up overall. Not bad for ¥368 ($54) either, and it's only an extra $2 for the big daddy. Just watch out for that panda behind you.