Samsung 800P digital photo frame: because quality matters

You're smart right? Then you probably know that all those low-priced, off-brand digital photo frames with laughably poor instruction manuals and confusing user interfaces so aggressively hocked during the holidays share one common trait: poor displays. Unfortunately, most shoppers won't figure this out until they've brought the unit home. Fact is, you have to pay a little extra to get a decent 8- to 10-inch panel. And really, what's more important than the display on a digital picture frame? So check Samsung's new 800P 8-inch frame. It features an LED-backlit 800x480 pixel panel, 2GB of internal storage (plus microSD expansion), Bluetooth 2.0, support for video and music playback, and Samsung's second generation UI and panel-making expertise. On sale now in Korea for 199,000 of the local stuff or about $159 of the almighty dollar whenever it heads west.