Intel's Atom D510, D410 processors get benchmarked

Intel's Pine Trail may not be out in full force just yet, but it looks like German website CarTFT has gotten ahold of a couple of Intel's latest processor / motherboard combos (intended primarily for nettops) and gone ahead and published a few early benchmarks. As you may have expected, however, the boards don't exactly represent a huge leap over current systems in terms of performance -- especially when compared to an Atom 330 processor paired with an Ion chipset. Indeed, the Atom 330 / Ion pairing actually beat out both the Atom D510 and D410 in a number of real-world Windows 7 performance tests, although the new Atoms did of course come out top when it came to raw processor performance. Then again, the new boards do also both come in at under $100, and they each boast some reasonably good improvements in power consumption, which should be enough to get plenty of folks to overlook look a few shortcomings.