Jolicloud pre-beta now available to download, walkthrough now available for viewing

Let's face it: Chrome OS has been snagging all of the attention in the OS world here lately, but let us not forget about Jolicloud. The Linux-based system, which was designed to be installed onto existing netbooks without much of a fuss, has finally reached its public pre-beta stage. In other words, the 600MB .exe file is now out for you and yours to download and try, and according to our good pals over at Download Squad, it's well worth the effort. They seemed to have no issues whatsoever installing it as a second OS on their machine, and they went ahead and deemed it superior to Chrome OS' earliest build due to its ability to support "both native and web-based applications equally well." Their own tests found it to boot in just 15 seconds on an Eee PC netbook, but if you're still curious if dipping your toes is the best move, hop on past the break for a lengthy walkthrough video.

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