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Reversed decision enables Globalive to enter Canada's cellphone market 'immediately'

Tired of being badgered by your contemporaries over in the Northwest Angle about having to deal with those silly "three-year contracts?" Buck up, 'cause a new player has just been cleared to go head-to-head with the likes of Telus, Bell and Rogers in the Great White North. In a surprising reversal of an October CRTC ruling, the federal government in Canada has cleared Globalive to begin operations as a wireless cellphone operator in the country. The most amazing part? No changes are required in the outfit's debt structure or ownership hierarchy. You see, Canada generally requires that its wireless carriers be Canadian-owned, but as it stands, the majority shareholder in Globalive is Egypt's Orascom. Whatever the reasoning, we're just stoked to hear that the company can kick open the doors "effective immediately," and we're hoping to hear that it's doing just that in short order.

[Thanks, Martin]

Update: Whoa, that was quick! Looks like WIND (the brand this will all fall under) already has a site ready to rock. No sales or anything yet, but it looks like they won't be taking this reversal of fortunes lightly. Thanks, Leon!