Tron Evolution premieres at VGAs, coming Holiday 2010 [update]

As promised, the Spike VGAs offered the first look at the new Tron game. Actress Olivia Wilde introduced the teaser trailer for Tron Evolution, featuring what might be real in-game footage of some neon-accented dudes dueling, and a light cycle race. As seen in the movie trailer, the light cycles can curve now, which is blasphemous. See it for yourself after the break, courtesy of YouTube's brysi.

According to the trailer, Tron Evolution will be out Holiday 2010. We're guessing it'll coincide closely with the December 17 release date for the Tron Legacy movie. The teaser also suggests it'll be a prequel to the events in Tron Legacy. But probably after the events in Tron.

Update: High-quality version now posted after the jump above.