T-Mobile rolling out Android Market carrier billing -- on some phones

The good news is that you don't need to hook up that shady Google character (whoever that is) with your credit card information anymore when you're looking to buy paid Android apps from the Market if you're on T-Mobile -- the bad news, though, is that only 1.6-powered phones are getting the update at this point. Over the course of December, the carrier's going to be pushing a new version of the Android Market on the G1 and myTouch 3G that lets folks charge purchases straight to their phone bills, and -- in line with Google's existing policy -- you'll have a 24-hour trial period before the billing actually goes through. For the time being, CLIQ and Behold II users are being left out in the cold, a sign that carrier billing is joined at the hip with the revamped Market that was pushed out with Donut. That sucks, but we suppose you could look at that one of two ways: either it'll end up getting back-ported to 1.5, or -- more intriguingly -- 1.6 will end up happening sooner or later for those guys.