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Addonics intros two eSATA-enabled multicard readers for the brave and gullible

There's no denying that the two newest multicard readers from Addonics can connect to one's PC via eSATA as well as the conventional USB 2.0 method, but frankly, we've our doubts about the honest-to-goodness speed benefits of linking through the former. The outfit claims that when its (external) Pocket eSATA / USB DigiDrive is hooked up with an eSATA cable, any flash media you insert can be used as a bootable device with read / write speeds of up to 150MB/sec, but of course you'll want to slap the quickest SDHC or CompactFlash card you can find in there to fully take advantage of the extra bandwidth. There's also an internal version for those tired of looking at the gaping hole where your floppy drive used to be, and considering that both retail for $59.99, you'll probably spend the next four or five hours just choosing which you really need.