Borders and Kobo join forces for e-reader device they can call their own

Fashionably late to the e-book handheld party, Borders and Kobo announced today a partnership that includes plans to develop and release both an e-reader and e-book service. Mum's the official word on hardware, but The New York Times Bits blog is claiming there'll be "more than one version" released, all with wireless connectivity and all sold at Borders retail locations, naturally. Unfortunately, there's no release date or window mentioned on that front. As for the service, the duo are taking a page from Barnes & Noble's playbook and claiming device neutrality, meaning they'd like to see their ePub-focused platform available to any and all devices possible, form mobile to desktop and everything in between. Sounds great, but what we're really keen to hear about is this new e-reader -- let's hope they've been taking notes on the successes and failures of their mostimmediatecompetitors.