LG expects to sell 3.8 million 3D LCDs by 2011, partners with Korean broadcaster SkyLife

Well, this sure marks a change of tone for LG. After taking the cautious approach and throwing out a single 3D TV model in 2009, the Korean manufacturer is now boldly predicting sales of 400,000 3D units in 2010 and 3.4 million in 2011. To make it all happen, the company has announced it will introduce a "wide range" of 3D TV sets measuring between 42 and 72 inches diagonally, with flagship models among them. Furthermore, LG's new partnership with SkyLife will see both companies investing in 3D content creation, as the digital satellite broadcaster will be pitching in $25 million. Naturally, this Korean push is merely a prelude to a planned assault on American and European markets next year, which LG expects will jump all over 3D given its internal survey data indicating 58 percent of people want an extra dimension to their viewing experience. What we're most excited about, though, is the "ultra-slim" bezel you see in the picture -- it is no accident or mere prototype, and its minimization is part of LG's effort to maximize immersion. We like it, 3D or not.