2011 Audi A8 packs optional EDGE, Google Earth

We're guessing it won't be the tipping point that finally convinces you to buy an Audi A8, but it looks like those in the market for the car will be able to add a nice little option to the 2011 model: a built-in nav system complete with Google Earth and a GPRS / EDGE modem. Yeah, so it's not 3G, but it is apparently the first time that Google Earth has been made available in a production vehicle, which certainly counts for something. In addition to serving up various Google-sourced points of interest, that modem will also let you download a range of other up-to-date information to the nav unit, although it's not clear exactly what that will entail. No word on how much it'll add to the cost of the A8, but it looks like it won't be available right when the car rolls out early next year -- Audi is only saying "mid 2010" at the moment.

As some commenters have helpfully noted, it seems that while the A8 won't initially roll out with 3G, it will be getting a UMTS modem in mid 2010, which should provide the bandwidth necessary for Google Earth and allow for simultaneous voice and data connections.